Oriental Mandalas

This group of 30 mandalas was acquired during the 1970s.They are created on hand-made paper, using woodblock stamps, outlining the major patterns in black,

with the colours being filled in by hand. Mandalas are an ancient, Eastern tool used in meditation, evoking a deity or other form to seek communication with or through.

‘Mandala’ comes from the Sanskrit meaning circle. Many mandala designs include other geometric shapes such as rectangles and triangles and are based on concepts

of unity and harmony. They were originally used in India, Nepal and Tibet, besides other countries in that region.
From the 1970s they became popular in Western countries and are much associated with Yoga.

Measurements of each mandala are printed in numerical order on the lower left hand side of each mandala.



01_1191 02_1207T 03_1227T 04_1229T 05_1228T 06_1194 07_1220T 08_1210T 09_1195 10_1222T 11_1221T 12_1204T 13_1225T 14_1188 15_1196 16_1197 17_1198T 18_1199T 19_1200T 20_1201T 21_1232T 22_1212T 23_1216T 24_1218T 25_1219T 26_1223T 27_1214T 28_1215T 29_1224T 30_1226T