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Leo Haks has spent over 40 years as collector, art dealer and author.

Dealing in Indonesian books, maps and paintings professionally and collecting aspects of Chinese and Indonesian art privately.

Many items of Chinese and Indonesian art had been left unnoticed by the art establishment. This allowed for comprehensive and representative collecting.
Leo Haks by Dhaimeler 1992

Numerically, the Chinese collection (in its several parts) is by far the largest; it comprises: Opera costumes (now mostly sold); temple embroideries; funerary textiles; elaborate figurines made in papier mâché, textiles and or mixed techniques, for use in Chinese festivals and rituals.

Paper cuts used at these festivals, or on other occasions, were varied, colourful and, at one stage plentiful. Some were made in studios for sale through the so-called ‘paper shops’. Others were produced commercially and sold to the general public in packaged sets.

Mud and paper masks were made as component parts in the production of ritual figurines.
Woodblock prints and paper scrolls, depicted deities for domestic use.

This website places emphasis on parts of the Chinese collection, available to a museum or other institution.

Celestial Art, Paper offerings and textiles from China collected by Leo Haks’,
SDZ, Ghent, 1997, refers. (available at www.abebooks.com)

Political posters from the Cultural Revolution and immediately after that time were printed in large numbers. Many are now sought after items, especially those with an international subject matter.

Now retired from formal business, Haks continues to be active.
His current project; the gathering of early New Zealand Postcards, with a view to publishing these in book form within the next 2 years.

For more information, Google Leo Haks

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For further reading:

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Click here for pdf






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‘Garden of the East: Photography in Indonesia 1850s – 1940s’

21st February – 22nd June 2014.

“The National Gallery’s archive of photographs from Indonesia is based on the collection acquired in 2006 from Dutch rare-book and print dealer Leo Haks”.

Photographs from the Leo Haks collection have been published in over 100 books, magazines, calendars and academic publications.

  Leo Haks is the recipient of the 2002 Profiel award, a Dutch Biennial Prize awarded to individuals for their contribution to aspects of textile art. The award was given with specific reference to the ‘salvaging of Chinese temple embroideries in Singapore’.


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